Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bumps are a part of growing up...

Poor Lili. She had a rough day yesterday.

Being the monkey that she is, she decided to climb her toy basket. It is a very large wicker basket with a handle that has done well storing her bits and bobs. Well she got a thought and tried to climb it. Before Daddy got to her she managed to slip and bang her lip on the handle. Poor thing has a fat upper lip. It is still red. And yes, she cried. But Daddy made it better.

Awhile later she crawled over to the front door. It was a nice day so it was open (with the security door tightly shut and locked). She decided she liked the way the door swung and was opening and closing it. Well, she managed to slam it on her fingers. Not too hard, but hard enough to make her cry...again. She has done this before and still doesn't quite get the cause and effect aspect of a closing door/fingers in the way scenario. Again, Daddy kissed the boo boo and made it better. Good Daddy!

Having had enough of a very tired and accident prone baby, Daddy went to softball. He left a usually very overly emotional Mommy to tend to the little one. Lili did great for about an hour. She was happily playing with everything she owns that makes noise. She decided to play with the robot we got her for her birthday. She loves to manhandle it and fling it as she pushes the buttons. Well she was studying it this time. Picking it up and hitting the ground then watching it. Well she miscalculated and smacked herself right in the bottom lip and cried. Mommy got to be the hero that time. And miraculously, Mommy didn't freak out. I always freak out, by the way.

Some ice in her pacifier thingy soothed the sad, bleeding baby, along with a few kisses and cuddles. There was very little blood, thankfully, as she just seemed to pinch the skin between her teeth. Then she was back to playing, happy as can be.

This is a triumph for me. I was all alone, my parents weren't home, my sister didn't answer the phone, and Matt was at softball, and I handled the situation without losing it. If you are reading this, more than likely you know me and know what a feat that is for me to accomplish.

Better parenting through chemistry (yeah anti-anxiety meds)!!

Today she is just as happy as ever. She's trying to teethe still. I don't know if it is the same 2 causing her problems or if there are more under the surface. She's being really careful if she has crunchy things in her mouth. Watching her methodically eat a cheerio is pretty funny.

Matt brought her by the office to drop off my phone (because I'm a putz and left it plugged in). She was covered in teething cookie and had a huge smile on her face. Happy babies are the best, by far. She made my day with that big toothy, cookie covered grin.