Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few things I have learned this last year...

There was an article today on called "What Do New Parents Really Need to Know", and it asked for comments. So I commented. I've included what I wrote, plus a few other things I came up with after I hit the submit button. Trust me, this is GOLDEN information!!!

As mom to a 1 year old, here are my pearls of wisdom...

*When people offer help, TAKE IT. Don't play the hero, you need a break...and probably a shower.

*Don't let people tell you that you are overreacting. You have a right to, your a new mom full of hormones. Just don't punch anyone.

*The hormones will pass. You won't be emotional forever. By the time you are normal the kids will drive you over the bend without the need of hormones :-)

*Your hubby is perfectly capable of changing a diaper, giving a bath, carrying, and traveling with the baby, so stop thinking you are the only one that can. Give him the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn't know, he'll ask, and don't bite his head off for not knowing or he won't ever ask you again.

*Nap and shower every chance you get.

*Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles are a Godsend.

*Dishes and laundry will always be there to do tomorrow, enjoy your baby now. They grow up WAY to fast.

*Cuddle the baby while you can, before you know it they are walking away from you and don't want to be held anymore. RELISH this time and burn it in to your memory.

*Poop isn't battery acid, so get over it. Clean it up and move on.

*Babies cry and sometimes you just need to let them cry and walk away. It is ok to leave a crying baby in their crib if they are safe, warm, dry and otherwise ok if you need a break. Put them down, walk away for a few moments and come back with a clear head. It doesn't make you a bad parent, it makes you a BETTER parent for clearing your head before reacting badly to a situation.

*Baby proof the house before they can crawl. Don't mistakenly think you have enough time to do it. You don't. It creeps up too fast and then you are left scrambling.

*Pre-treat stains with an enzyme based color safe bleach before you wash or you've just ruined all the baby clothes.

*If you use bottles, by 3 times as many bottles as you think you will need. You will be doing dishes way too frequently if you don't. Just be sure to rinse them after using them or you will want to throw up before you load the dishwasher.

*That odd smell in the car is from a lost baby me!!! Find it, throw it away, and Fabreeze the whole car.

*You don't need fancy burp clothes (cloth diapers or dish towels are fine), moses baskets, and about 2/3 of the stuff on your baby registry. Scale it back or you will be living in a mine field of baby crap. Bottles (if you will use them), diapers, wipes, onesies, socks, blankets, car seats, stroller, and a diaper bag. That is all you really need until they are older.

*When your kid doesn't mind a rectal thermometer anymore, you've taken their temps once too often. Stop being such a schmuck, the baby is fine.

*If you have a bad back, baby slings are a BAD idea.

*The coolest thing in the world is when your parents have a set of clothes, a crib, stroller, feeding paraphernalia, high chair, and their own car seat so they can, as my mother puts it, "rescue" their grandchild from her crazy (yeah, right) parents when ever the urge strikes.

*If your sister gets a side job at a kids clothing store, your child will ALWAYS be smartly dressed in public...provided Daddy puts her in one of the hundred outfits and not a onesie with no socks.

*Visit family as often as you can with the baby. You really don't want that uncomfortable cry when she thinks a stranger is holding her.

*Santa isn't scary when it's really Daddy and you are in Nana's living room.

*The office stops when you bring the baby in, and some days it is a good thing.

*Kids are messy. They make messes at home and in public. Roll with it (I'm still struggling with that one).

*Just because Daddy has the baby held over his head, doesn't mean he is going to drop her. So quit gasping and scaring him and the baby, you make it worse (again, something I am STILL struggling with).

*Babies fall down. They are 2 feet from the ground, sometimes less. They will be fine. Don't react and they might not even cry. If they are really hurt, they will let you know.

*Not everyone wants to see baby pictures, but if they ask how the baby is, offering to show them a couple of pictures is ok. And usually they are glad you have some with you.

*As much as you wanted a puppy, babies are better. You can always get a puppy, but you can't always have a baby. Always remember that you are very blessed. Love that baby with all your heart.

As my dad says "Love Never Spoils". I still cry when I read that in the baby advice book from my baby shower.

I'm sure I have more, but for now this will do.