Monday, September 29, 2008

A few favorites

Monday, September 22, 2008

My girl

My sweet little monkey girl is climbing everything. Matt had to move the living room around because he was sick of walking in the kitchen only to look back and see her climbing the arm of the couch onto the roll top desk.

You tell her no and she smirks and goes on ahead with whatever plan her devious little brillant mind has cooked up. Consequences be damned! You tell her no, she cares not. You move her, she runs right back. You swat her bottom, she cries and keeps doing it.

She is the exact opposite of me in attitude. Yet, at the same time, she is the perfect kid. Go figure!! She is fearless (I worry, fret and over-analyze), she is overly energetic (I'm quite lazy as of late), she is wicked smart (I have my moments, but the brain she has she got from her brilliant dad), and she is a skinny mini (and I, so, am not...yet).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Green Everywhere

Lili has decided her new favorite color is green. It used to be red, but now it is green. She points it out everywhere. Now I have to find a bedroom set for her that has a green color to it. I should still be able to get the garden theme I want to do (yea!!), but finding cute, girly, yet not-quite conventional bedroom sets is hard.

Lili has this great personality. She is fearless and funny. Now she is getting cuddly, but she is this little independent creature. She needs (nay, demands) her alone time and will spend 45 minutes up in her crib and just play. I figure when she is big enough for a big girl bed she is going to be the same way, only she will have more free reign over her bedroom.

This is the one we are leaning toward

I like it, but I think it might be a little too adult for my baby It's green, but I don't think it paints the serene picture I'm going for.
This one could work, and it brings in the yellow Matt loves so much.

This one is nice, it is lilies, but I don't know if she could read by it.
Funky and green, but a dust magnet.
Cute, but would she hate it in 15 years?
Dragonflies, for the garden theme, but it gives me a headache just looking at it.

Now this is a touch lamp. Those are useful, but no green...
This is 2 lilies, and it looks like it might have some light.
This has green and an angel, but again, does it have enough light to read by?
This is a bird. That's about all I can say about this one...
This is supposed to be a blossom.
This would go great with that one bed set above
I like these types, but Kyla thought this pattern would drive her to drugs. I don't know about that.

I want her sheets to be soft and comfy, yet tough enough to put up with the abuse a little turkey like Lili can dish out. And she has to have pretty drapes, and maybe a rug. If I can make it work up there, I want her to have a cute little chair that is where she and I can cuddle while I read her bedtime stories while she cuddles her dog or her bear or her duck, or whatever stuffed friend she is in the mood to share the story with.

I want a little sanctuary for her. I always had my room as a haven to escape (and later years lock my then clothes stealing little sister out...but now she buys me clothes instead, isn't she great!!!). I want that for her, too. She already knows the value of alone time. When we drive her crazy or she's had enough she lets us know she wants to go upstairs and she enjoys it.

And part of me wants to fix up her room so that we can then work on ours and create that haven we desperately need. I've got the sheets, the drapes, the rug, and the pretty painted wall. But I have a mound of stuff in the room that gets put there because there is no better place to put it. I want a peaceful retreat where I can get inspired to write (the living room just isn't cutting it), where I can lay my head down at night and not think about the clutter on the floor, and where every thing has a place and is put there.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday alone with Lili

I wasn't left alone with Lili for 10 minutes before she toddled into the kitchen and got quiet. This is what I found. She had pulled the pasta off the counter, along with the plastic wrap, and was playing with the dried angel hair.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My little Lili Bear is still sniffling. Her fever broke late last night, drenching her in sweat. Before that she cried for hours and was inconsolable. It broke my heart not being able to soothe her stuffy head. She cried and cried. But she seems better today.

Grandpa had her all day today. He said she was feeling much better, but was still a bit slow (yet she was as busy as ever, go figure). She napped, she actually ate something other than fruit, she drank a lot, all good signs.

I hate it when she is sick. There is nothing I can do but cuddle her, put the vaporizer in her room, force her to drink, wipe a runny nose as she races by, and love her. I feel useless to her because that does little to relieve her aching, running nose and stuffed up head.

She gets far more lovable when she is sick. She wants to be held more, hug more and cuddle more. I do love that part of it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Why can't I take a decent picture???

The unfairness of it all. Matt has this uncanny ability to take amazing shots of Lili.

She is smiling, looking at the camera, and genuinly happy...
She's laughing...
And here she is in a candid moment.

And this is what I get...

She looks constipated and depressed...
Here I forgot to turn off the zoom and she turned her head...

And this one she ran at the camera between the time I started taking the picture and when it actually took (and my smart ass of a husband pointed out that if I put the last 2 pictures together I almost have 1 good headshot...he's an ass).

It's not fair :-(

I know, I'm a whiner. All that matters is that I have a healthy, happy, well-adjusted, polite little girl. Which she is. Except today, she has a cold. But even with a cold, she's still a treasure of a child. On her worst day she is better than a lot of kids on their best days.