Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Walker

Well, our little love bug has REALLY started to walk. All the sudden on her birthday she walked about 10 steps in my parents living room. She did it several times but would not repeat the event until last night. Again at my parents house (she must like the fact she can redecorate their whole living room with her toys and newspapers and not get told no). She was cruising.

Matt emailed me a bit ago that she's been motoring all around the living room on just two legs. No more crawling for her, I guess.

She's been flirting with the idea of walking since the beginning of February. I'm happy and sad all at the same time. My cute, cuddly little Puddles is now a self-propelled, busy little girl. She only sits in my lap long enough for a few sips of the bottle in the morning. Then she wants to go play, eat real food, whatever.

I'll upload a video of her walking as soon as I can. Until then, here is a good shot of Matt & Lili at Blake's family night. I just love this one.