Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures From Lili's First Swimming Lesson

This is Lili and her instructor, Jordan

Again, with Jordan

This is Lili and Daddy. She is kicking

All done

Lili didn't cry at all. She LOVED the pool and Jordan. She even let Jordan take her away from Daddy. Probably because of the fish shaped kick board she was using.

She is the youngest kid in her group by about 8 months, Matt says. And there is only 1 little boy. Of course, Matt is the only Daddy in the class. Well, he's the only Daddy in ALL of the classes. I'm betting some Dads caught a lot of crap last night after their wives got home and told them what a good Daddy he is for taking Lili to swimming class. :-)

There will be more pictures to come. I hate missing these things, but she had a cheering section and it is preserved for all time on video and digital film.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few things I have learned this last year...

There was an article today on called "What Do New Parents Really Need to Know", and it asked for comments. So I commented. I've included what I wrote, plus a few other things I came up with after I hit the submit button. Trust me, this is GOLDEN information!!!

As mom to a 1 year old, here are my pearls of wisdom...

*When people offer help, TAKE IT. Don't play the hero, you need a break...and probably a shower.

*Don't let people tell you that you are overreacting. You have a right to, your a new mom full of hormones. Just don't punch anyone.

*The hormones will pass. You won't be emotional forever. By the time you are normal the kids will drive you over the bend without the need of hormones :-)

*Your hubby is perfectly capable of changing a diaper, giving a bath, carrying, and traveling with the baby, so stop thinking you are the only one that can. Give him the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn't know, he'll ask, and don't bite his head off for not knowing or he won't ever ask you again.

*Nap and shower every chance you get.

*Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles are a Godsend.

*Dishes and laundry will always be there to do tomorrow, enjoy your baby now. They grow up WAY to fast.

*Cuddle the baby while you can, before you know it they are walking away from you and don't want to be held anymore. RELISH this time and burn it in to your memory.

*Poop isn't battery acid, so get over it. Clean it up and move on.

*Babies cry and sometimes you just need to let them cry and walk away. It is ok to leave a crying baby in their crib if they are safe, warm, dry and otherwise ok if you need a break. Put them down, walk away for a few moments and come back with a clear head. It doesn't make you a bad parent, it makes you a BETTER parent for clearing your head before reacting badly to a situation.

*Baby proof the house before they can crawl. Don't mistakenly think you have enough time to do it. You don't. It creeps up too fast and then you are left scrambling.

*Pre-treat stains with an enzyme based color safe bleach before you wash or you've just ruined all the baby clothes.

*If you use bottles, by 3 times as many bottles as you think you will need. You will be doing dishes way too frequently if you don't. Just be sure to rinse them after using them or you will want to throw up before you load the dishwasher.

*That odd smell in the car is from a lost baby me!!! Find it, throw it away, and Fabreeze the whole car.

*You don't need fancy burp clothes (cloth diapers or dish towels are fine), moses baskets, and about 2/3 of the stuff on your baby registry. Scale it back or you will be living in a mine field of baby crap. Bottles (if you will use them), diapers, wipes, onesies, socks, blankets, car seats, stroller, and a diaper bag. That is all you really need until they are older.

*When your kid doesn't mind a rectal thermometer anymore, you've taken their temps once too often. Stop being such a schmuck, the baby is fine.

*If you have a bad back, baby slings are a BAD idea.

*The coolest thing in the world is when your parents have a set of clothes, a crib, stroller, feeding paraphernalia, high chair, and their own car seat so they can, as my mother puts it, "rescue" their grandchild from her crazy (yeah, right) parents when ever the urge strikes.

*If your sister gets a side job at a kids clothing store, your child will ALWAYS be smartly dressed in public...provided Daddy puts her in one of the hundred outfits and not a onesie with no socks.

*Visit family as often as you can with the baby. You really don't want that uncomfortable cry when she thinks a stranger is holding her.

*Santa isn't scary when it's really Daddy and you are in Nana's living room.

*The office stops when you bring the baby in, and some days it is a good thing.

*Kids are messy. They make messes at home and in public. Roll with it (I'm still struggling with that one).

*Just because Daddy has the baby held over his head, doesn't mean he is going to drop her. So quit gasping and scaring him and the baby, you make it worse (again, something I am STILL struggling with).

*Babies fall down. They are 2 feet from the ground, sometimes less. They will be fine. Don't react and they might not even cry. If they are really hurt, they will let you know.

*Not everyone wants to see baby pictures, but if they ask how the baby is, offering to show them a couple of pictures is ok. And usually they are glad you have some with you.

*As much as you wanted a puppy, babies are better. You can always get a puppy, but you can't always have a baby. Always remember that you are very blessed. Love that baby with all your heart.

As my dad says "Love Never Spoils". I still cry when I read that in the baby advice book from my baby shower.

I'm sure I have more, but for now this will do.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So Proud

Beyond being just hilarious, these should prove how proud Lili is of her Uncle Blake's recent accomplishment (i.e. becoming a hero to not only the family but to the community he now helps to protect as a firefighter).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slap (not so) Happy

Liliana has developed this incredibly annoying habit of slapping me...and Daddy, the china cabinet glass, Nana's TV, and any dog she gets close to. It is bothering the heck out of me because she gives you a look of "I know you hate this", grins, then slaps away.

"No" doesn't work, saying "Gentle" doesn't work, showing her what gentle is doesn't work, and thwatting her hand (not hard, I'm not abusing my kid) doesn't work either. She literally waits for me to look at her and she gets the most rotten grin on her face and slaps whatever it is she is in front of. And she thinks it is hysterical when she is reprimanded.

I am constantly moving her away, grabbing her hands to keep her from blinding me by mistake (or on purpose...she could be a baby Stewie type), and telling her no.

I know constancy is the key, but how long is it going to take for her to get it and NOT do it? I'm afraid I'm going to have to bubble wrap the china cabinet. You can't replace 75 year old curved glass. At least not cheaply.

She scratched the heck out of Matt's nose during one of her little slap-fests. There is nothing more pathetic than a 29-year old man with a circle band aid on his nose. But to be fair, she did it after he put her on the grass, her known nemesis, and it made her cry while we both laughed at her (it WAS really funny).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Public Humilation...

Tonight we went to dinner. We just went to Moe's, a favorite for quick and healthy Mexican food. I set a tray of soup & beans for Lili on the table and thinking I had moved the stroller far enough away from the table, turned around to get napkins.

The next thing I hear is a crash. I screamed "Lili" and saw the soup hit her and the floor. She instantly started to cry. Not the "I'm hurt, this burns" cry, but the "oh crap, I'm in trouble cry". I had startled her.

She had managed to reach the table and pull herself closer in the stroller (darn me for forgetting to lock the wheels). She then grabbed the tray to help herself and dumped it.

After several minutes of me soothing a crying, soup covered baby, and Matt trying to clean up the baby and the floor, we finally were settled enough to eat. By this point I'm so mortified dinner tasted pretty bad. Not that Moe's was bad, but I was so upset by the whole event, being stared at, etc., that it just didn't taste right.

Matt is still laughing at me for my humiliation. He thinks I'm overreacting and that I should realize that there WILL be more incidents in public. And I do realize this fact, but I guess the first time is always the hardest.

Here are some before and after shots of Lili. The first one was taken when she was about 8 weeks old. The other was taken tonight, and in the same laundry basket. She was so tiny, and now she's just a goofy little big girl...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bumps are a part of growing up...

Poor Lili. She had a rough day yesterday.

Being the monkey that she is, she decided to climb her toy basket. It is a very large wicker basket with a handle that has done well storing her bits and bobs. Well she got a thought and tried to climb it. Before Daddy got to her she managed to slip and bang her lip on the handle. Poor thing has a fat upper lip. It is still red. And yes, she cried. But Daddy made it better.

Awhile later she crawled over to the front door. It was a nice day so it was open (with the security door tightly shut and locked). She decided she liked the way the door swung and was opening and closing it. Well, she managed to slam it on her fingers. Not too hard, but hard enough to make her cry...again. She has done this before and still doesn't quite get the cause and effect aspect of a closing door/fingers in the way scenario. Again, Daddy kissed the boo boo and made it better. Good Daddy!

Having had enough of a very tired and accident prone baby, Daddy went to softball. He left a usually very overly emotional Mommy to tend to the little one. Lili did great for about an hour. She was happily playing with everything she owns that makes noise. She decided to play with the robot we got her for her birthday. She loves to manhandle it and fling it as she pushes the buttons. Well she was studying it this time. Picking it up and hitting the ground then watching it. Well she miscalculated and smacked herself right in the bottom lip and cried. Mommy got to be the hero that time. And miraculously, Mommy didn't freak out. I always freak out, by the way.

Some ice in her pacifier thingy soothed the sad, bleeding baby, along with a few kisses and cuddles. There was very little blood, thankfully, as she just seemed to pinch the skin between her teeth. Then she was back to playing, happy as can be.

This is a triumph for me. I was all alone, my parents weren't home, my sister didn't answer the phone, and Matt was at softball, and I handled the situation without losing it. If you are reading this, more than likely you know me and know what a feat that is for me to accomplish.

Better parenting through chemistry (yeah anti-anxiety meds)!!

Today she is just as happy as ever. She's trying to teethe still. I don't know if it is the same 2 causing her problems or if there are more under the surface. She's being really careful if she has crunchy things in her mouth. Watching her methodically eat a cheerio is pretty funny.

Matt brought her by the office to drop off my phone (because I'm a putz and left it plugged in). She was covered in teething cookie and had a huge smile on her face. Happy babies are the best, by far. She made my day with that big toothy, cookie covered grin.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Forget Privacy...There's a Toddler in the House

Ok, I've only just stopped laughing at these pictures. And yes, I showed them off in the office.

Little Miss Monster won't leave her daddy alone long enough to go to the bathroom, so he took a camera in with him to document this not-so-alone time.

That's not even the best one. He put the camera under the gap in the door and this is what he saw...

There is no rest for poor Matty. Now she just follows him.

I still think I have the coolest kid in the world!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Monster with the Hollow Leg

Lili is eating EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding. She spent a good 30 minutes scarffing everything in sight this morning. She'd finish and holler until we got her more food. I was going to share my yogurt but the little turkey ate the whole thing.

She must be having a growth spurt (or her teeth are finally not bothering her).

Friday, April 11, 2008

1-Year Check-up Update

Lili had her 1-year medical check up yesterday. She's one tall girl. She is 31" tall. That is the 95th percentile and she is off the chart. Her weight is just under 20 pounds, and that's the 25th percentile. She is a long, lean genius (the head is 18").

She showed off all her new tricks to the Dr. Walking, talking, clapping, waiving, gibber-jabbering, crawling at the speed of light. They were pretty impressed. I guess most kids act like your car does when you take it to the mechanic. YOU know they do stuff, but they won't show the Dr.

She had her MMR shot (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), as well as the Chicken Pox vaccine. They are going to wait on Hep A until she's 15 months, and the Hep B booster will be at 18 months. There is a shortage of the vaccine apparently, so doctors are focusing on inoculating the itty bitty babies with their first dose.

I had to leave before the shots, but Matt said she had some big crocodile tears at first, followed by a couple of whimpers. But she was fine once she was dressed and ready to leave. She even let a different nurse hold her while he signed paperwork. She waived bye bye and smiled at everyone. She's a trooper.

Both the Dr. Apley (who saw her yesterday) and Dr. Strubble (who she normally sees) think the scars are healing beautifully. The nurse couldn't believe the wounds were only about a month old.

She's on whole milk now. No more formula. And she's eating EVERYTHING. Her favorites are Pops' breaded chicken & meatballs, my potato soup, and Grandpa's steak, mushrooms & caramelized onions. This girl is a Foodie!! She'll try anything. She may not eat everything, but she will try it.

She loves broccoli, but it has to be pureed or in a soup. She's not a fan of the little florets, must be the texture, but I'm sure that will come in time. And she really loves squash & sweet potatoes, but you have to cook them with herbs. Otherwise she makes faces.

And she finally showed Pops her walking skills. Matt left her with him while he went to the gym and she did a few turns around the living room...5 steps at a time.

Well, that's about all for now. Still trying to get a video of Lili walking. Mom has the other one and she's been working a lot. Hopefully she will be cooperative this weekend :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Walker

Well, our little love bug has REALLY started to walk. All the sudden on her birthday she walked about 10 steps in my parents living room. She did it several times but would not repeat the event until last night. Again at my parents house (she must like the fact she can redecorate their whole living room with her toys and newspapers and not get told no). She was cruising.

Matt emailed me a bit ago that she's been motoring all around the living room on just two legs. No more crawling for her, I guess.

She's been flirting with the idea of walking since the beginning of February. I'm happy and sad all at the same time. My cute, cuddly little Puddles is now a self-propelled, busy little girl. She only sits in my lap long enough for a few sips of the bottle in the morning. Then she wants to go play, eat real food, whatever.

I'll upload a video of her walking as soon as I can. Until then, here is a good shot of Matt & Lili at Blake's family night. I just love this one.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For all our family and friends

I've stared this blog to keep those of you who are ABSOLUTELY in love with Lili up to date on the day-to-day activities of this little wonder.

Matt and I will update this as often as possible.

Love to all