Friday, April 11, 2008

1-Year Check-up Update

Lili had her 1-year medical check up yesterday. She's one tall girl. She is 31" tall. That is the 95th percentile and she is off the chart. Her weight is just under 20 pounds, and that's the 25th percentile. She is a long, lean genius (the head is 18").

She showed off all her new tricks to the Dr. Walking, talking, clapping, waiving, gibber-jabbering, crawling at the speed of light. They were pretty impressed. I guess most kids act like your car does when you take it to the mechanic. YOU know they do stuff, but they won't show the Dr.

She had her MMR shot (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), as well as the Chicken Pox vaccine. They are going to wait on Hep A until she's 15 months, and the Hep B booster will be at 18 months. There is a shortage of the vaccine apparently, so doctors are focusing on inoculating the itty bitty babies with their first dose.

I had to leave before the shots, but Matt said she had some big crocodile tears at first, followed by a couple of whimpers. But she was fine once she was dressed and ready to leave. She even let a different nurse hold her while he signed paperwork. She waived bye bye and smiled at everyone. She's a trooper.

Both the Dr. Apley (who saw her yesterday) and Dr. Strubble (who she normally sees) think the scars are healing beautifully. The nurse couldn't believe the wounds were only about a month old.

She's on whole milk now. No more formula. And she's eating EVERYTHING. Her favorites are Pops' breaded chicken & meatballs, my potato soup, and Grandpa's steak, mushrooms & caramelized onions. This girl is a Foodie!! She'll try anything. She may not eat everything, but she will try it.

She loves broccoli, but it has to be pureed or in a soup. She's not a fan of the little florets, must be the texture, but I'm sure that will come in time. And she really loves squash & sweet potatoes, but you have to cook them with herbs. Otherwise she makes faces.

And she finally showed Pops her walking skills. Matt left her with him while he went to the gym and she did a few turns around the living room...5 steps at a time.

Well, that's about all for now. Still trying to get a video of Lili walking. Mom has the other one and she's been working a lot. Hopefully she will be cooperative this weekend :-)