Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slap (not so) Happy

Liliana has developed this incredibly annoying habit of slapping me...and Daddy, the china cabinet glass, Nana's TV, and any dog she gets close to. It is bothering the heck out of me because she gives you a look of "I know you hate this", grins, then slaps away.

"No" doesn't work, saying "Gentle" doesn't work, showing her what gentle is doesn't work, and thwatting her hand (not hard, I'm not abusing my kid) doesn't work either. She literally waits for me to look at her and she gets the most rotten grin on her face and slaps whatever it is she is in front of. And she thinks it is hysterical when she is reprimanded.

I am constantly moving her away, grabbing her hands to keep her from blinding me by mistake (or on purpose...she could be a baby Stewie type), and telling her no.

I know constancy is the key, but how long is it going to take for her to get it and NOT do it? I'm afraid I'm going to have to bubble wrap the china cabinet. You can't replace 75 year old curved glass. At least not cheaply.

She scratched the heck out of Matt's nose during one of her little slap-fests. There is nothing more pathetic than a 29-year old man with a circle band aid on his nose. But to be fair, she did it after he put her on the grass, her known nemesis, and it made her cry while we both laughed at her (it WAS really funny).