Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am sorry

To anyone that I have upset with any blog entries I have made, I sincerely apologize. I never meant to upset or anger anyone with the things I have written. That was never my intent, and I feel horrible that anyone was hurt or upset because of what I wrote.

I will no longer write about anyone other than Matt, Lili and I, and I will no longer write about anything that does not directly affect our daily life.

I will spend the next few days editing old blog entries. I will take out anything that references anyone other than the 3 of us (including pictures), in the hopes that no one will again be upset by anything I write, past, present or future.

Again, I am sorry.


So Blessed

I have the most wonderful child. She fills my heart with this complete love I have never ever experienced. The relationship I have with my husband makes my heart skip a beat, but the unending love I have for Lili takes my breath away.

I had her all to myself for a few hours yesterday, which is a rare occurrence. Usually it is just on Matt's softball nights and she usually is asleep for most our time together. But I got to spend a lot of mommy/baby time with her. She is magnificent! Her intelligence is staggering. She can figure out a way to undo or get through anything. Her fine motor skills are amazing. I don't even mind that she won't hold her bottle. It gives me a a little more time to think of her as a baby when she is cuddled up next to me.

She is the most precious gift I have ever been given. Sometimes I forget (a little) what a blessing she truly is. She was born healthy, strong, and perfect. She was the biggest baby in the nursery at birth, by several pounds. All the other babies were these tiny, frail creatures who looked like they would shatter if you touched them (although that didn't keep the nurses from beating the burps right out of them, it seemed like). I would cry because she was under the UV lights, but looking back, she was probably the healthiest baby in there, and I really had nothing to cry about.

How many of those tiny little bundles never went home to be loved by their mommy? How many of those tiny angels are forever disabled because they were born too soon or too sick? And how many of them ended up as strong and healthy as Lili?

I never want to forget how blessed I am. She is my angel on earth. She is here to remind me of all the good in the Universe. She is God's Love personified.

Every smile, every belly laugh, every splash in the tub, every cheerio that goes flying across the room, every squeal, every messy kiss she gives me, every time she lays her head on my shoulder, every raspberry I give her that makes her giggle, even every tear she sheds will remind me how much I love her and how blessed I am to have her in my life.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend BBQ

Matt & Lili

That gorgeous face

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Girl

My little Puddles was just adorable this morning. She was happy and very awake when I was getting ready. She gave me the biggest smile ever when I walked in the room to get her. Her eyes disappear when she smiles big. It is so cute.

She let me kiss her and she hugged me back. She's becoming more and more affectionate lately and I love it.

I came home last night and she was playing. I could hear her talking before I even got to the door. She was telling Daddy all about what she was doing. I walked in the house and she was using her little Disney Princesses suitcase as a step stool to look over the exercise bike. Daddy was right there just in case she lost her balance. I walked in and she looked at me, gave me that gorgeous grin and started talking to me.

She is the most amazing child. I am truly blessed to be her Mom.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I miss my baby

Lili at 3 months

Despite her slaps and whatnot, I miss my baby today.

She didn't wake up until well after I had left for work. I didn't get my cuddles and kisses before I left. I didn't get to smell the top of her head. I didn't get to have her stick her tongue out at me and giggle. I didn't get kicked in the leg as she bounced her leg in the high chair while drinking her bottle. I didn't get to see her make a fish face. I didn't get to read one of her favorite books.


I miss her most on Mondays. I had her all weekend to cuddle and love (and get slapped by).

I miss Matt, too. He's cuddly and I could use a hug right now. Work is too busy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Again with the slapping

picture by jbelluch from Flickr

If that little twerp slaps me one more time I'm grounding her until college.

This habit of slapping people is getting worse. No doesn't work, saying "gentle" doesn't work, holding her hands to prevent slaps doesn't work. I'm lost for options. I tell her no, that hurts, but she smiles and does it again and harder.

She slapped me really hard at Pruitt's (furniture store) the other night, then pulled my hair. Ouch doesn't work either, by the way. Matt took her and she did it to him, too.

We took her home and put her to bed.

She did it again tonight. When everything failed, I put her down away from me, Matt and the toys and she cried. And I let her cry. She had yanked so much hair out my head was hurting as much as my face.

She crawled over and slapped Matt, so we decided to put her to bed. She's been up there 10 minutes and she's cried a little and complained a lot.

I just don't know what to do. I won't yell at her or slap her because she just won't understand either. And I don't want her to thing slapping is ok.

HELP!!! I don't want to be raising a violent bully of a kid.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Blog Background

I've gone round and round trying to find a Blog Background that fits my Lili's personality. She is such and individual that nothing seemed right.

She likes red , she loves books and music. She uses whatever she can as a drum. And I know she loves baseball. She's fascinated when a game is on, and she has a pretty decent pitch. I've been hit enough by whatever she's turned into a projectile to know that she has skills :-)

She's a baby gourmet. She won't eat anything that is plain. She wants spices and herbs on everything. She wants to do everything but hold her sippy cup or bottle herself (much to everyone's annoyance). She's independant to a point.

She LOVES technology. Remotes, cell phones, computers, game controllers, the TV, watching the washer and dryer spin, and anything that will make a noise, light up or move on its own has her attention the moment she notices it.

She has this rotten streak in her. She knows when she shouldn't do something and she knows she is going to get in trouble, but she goes ahead and does it anyway. Always with a look of "na-na-na, ha ha ha" on her face.

She tries new things. She figures things out. She is fearless.

I've settled on this background for now, but I know there has to be something else out there that better suites her spirit.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Pictures

Lili's Mother's Day outfit from Nana

Lili looking at the stained glass window at Nana & Pops' house

Lili and the clown from Mother's Day Brunch

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Long Arm of the Lil

That child has the most ridiculous reach I've ever seen. I think she can will her arms longer.

We were sitting at the restaurant for lunch and we moved EVERYTHING out of her we thought. She was happily making noises, eating, drinking, smiling at everyone. Matt and I each take a bite of our lunch and the little twerp found a way to grab the sugar packet container and dump everything.

She's like Elasta Girl from the Incredibles.

It is frustrating and funny all at the same time.

So much for swimming...

If you can believe it, the pool has been too cold for Lili. Tuesday's class left her shivering, teeth chattering and when her lips started to turn blue Matt pulled her from the pool, wrapped her up and took her home. He is a good Daddy.

The weather has been in the 90's, but it isn't enough to warm the pool to a decent temperature. We are going to wait until late May to start her again. They are moving the classes way up North while they resurface the pool at Cactus park. So, it may be a good thing we've decided to pull her from the class. Matt doesn't need to be driving with her even further.

We'll try for a pool much closer to home come the end of May.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More of Lili Swimming

Preparing for class

Modeling her new swimsuit

Having fun!!!