Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eggys and Toes

Lili came downstairs this morning and asked Daddy for "eggys and toes". Eggs and Toast for those of you that don't speak Lili.

She is the cutest thing ever.

Last week she had her first 5 word sentance, "hey Mom, I have juice". And she did have juice in her little cup. It was pretty neat.

She makes more sense everyday. She's using words correctly to describe things. She still has trouble and gets frustrated and throws things, but she is only 2. We tell her to calm down and use her words. It makes her stop and try to think things through. And usually with a little work we can figure out what she is talking about.

I still can't get her to say truck without it sounding like the dirty F word. Everyone laughs when she says it so she thinks it is right and will get a laugh. And clock just doesn't have an L in it when she says it. Again, everyone laughs. As funny as it is when little ones say naughty things, but it is hard to correct, too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy is a Mush and Lili KNOWS It

There are some days with Lili that I get aggravated with her. Then I smack myself and say "what is wrong with you, this is the coolest kid on the planet!"

This Mom thing has me spun. But admittedly I love it despite the occasional frustration and tension. "Am I a good Mom?", "Is she well-adjusted, and if not, I'm sure it is my fault?". But one look in that smiling face and I melt.

The other day she was tired on a long trip back from Peoria, or the other side of the world to those of us in the East Valley. We stopped at our favorite bagel shop, Bagel Nosh. The owner is a good friend of Matt's. Well, they closed early for Father's Day weekend. We have been telling Lili for 5 minutes or so she was going to see Danny. When we pulled away without seeing him, she sobbed. I mean crocodile tears, snot, the whole nine yards. She was crying "Uncle Danny, Uncle Danny" and was a general wreck.

We figured ok, she's tired. We get about 5 minutes away and she says "Lili Sad" and starts sobbing again.

BROKE MY HEART. Matt's too.

Instead of going home we went to Toys R Us. Admittedly, we are weak when it comes to her, and I sure as heck wasn't going to have a sad Lili.

Yes the trip helped. She did stop crying and she decided she wanted a pink plastic princess outdoor chair and to ride the Dino ride by the exit.

We got home a few minutes later and she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

I'm a complete and total sucker. I know. But when your little girl says "Lili sad", you want anything in that moment to make sure she doesn't stay that way long.

She owns me.

Monday, June 8, 2009


My baby really is turning into a little girl. Her features are going from slightly rounded cheeks and arms and legs, to lean and muscular.

I swear her smile gets bigger every day. She's trying a few 3 word sentances like "what is that?" & "where'd it go?". Mostly it is 2 words questions "what sound?", "what happened?", etc. She loves it when you get what she is saying and she feels like she is really communicating.

She seems to be grasping and understanding a new word a day. I love it when she tries to pronounce a new word. She sometimes mixes syllables or creates her own version of the word. Tickle is ticky, and wiggle is wiggy, things like that. She can say noise perfectly, which to me seems odd since she can't say truck (it sounds like a naughty word when she tries). And clock is missing the 'L'. Super hard not to laugh, by the way.

She is loving her pool and goes in it about twice a day. She mostly puts her feet in and plays with toys (the water has been a bit chilly). But she is out for about 45 minutes at a time either before the sun is in the patio or after. She kind of knows the schedule already.

Her laugh fills the room. And she knows to say "Bless you" when someone sneezes (though it sounds like Bessy). She also knows a fake sneeze from a real one. And the fake ones she mimicks which is seriously adorable.

I just love this kid.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Pool & A Great Weekend

Lili got a pool for the patio. I must admit I am a tad jealous. It is one of those hard plastic ones with a slide. The kind I always wanted when I was a kid, but I always got the plain ones, sans the slide. I know, I was deprived :-)

All weekend all I heard was "poo" (Lili for pool) and her pointing to the patio. Yesterday we filled it, got her in her bikini, and she had a blast. For about 20 minutes before she pooped. That quickly ended the pool session. But it didn't stop her from wanting to go back all day.

She has a cleaner more organized room today. We hung my shadow box that my Grandfather made (he made one for each of us girls, and they are really cool). Now she has a place (hung high and out of the way) for all her nicknacks.

We moved the crib and it seemed to help her sleep better. The A/C isn't hitting her directly and she didn't wake up choking and crying, thank goodness.

There are just a few boxes left to go through and we need to fix up her closet. I'd love to paint, but unless we get new carpet, it is kind of a pointless pursuit. I vacuumed what was left of the life right out of it. If I knew then what I know now I would have insisted the previous owners recarpet before I purchased the house.

All in all, though, it was a great weekend. The kind of crappy ender to the weekend was when Lili woke up an hour before my alarm went off this morning. Matt and I are walking around in a sleep deprived fog (that's what I get for letting him teach me Chess at 11pm). He's home dealing with the grump, and getting ready to go see STAR TREK with his brother this morning. This will be his 3rd time going, so I'm a bit jealous. But he's so tired I don't know if he'll enjoy it.

I'm at work. The boss is getting ready to go to Disneyland, so it is a quiet week.