Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Sick Baby is on the Mend

When Lili was sick she loved the popscicle. It did help get her to have more liquid into her system.

She also was really into carbs when she was sick. So much so, she shoved a whole Ritz cracker into her mouth.

She loves running around naked. She will even remove her diaper by any means necessary. Here she has ripped an entire side off. This is taken two steps before what was left hit the floor and she ran around with a look like "I'm Free!".

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Fever

My sweet baby girl has her first non-injection related fever. It was 104 when we got home. My folks gave her a couple of doses of Tylenol during the day and it finally started to work after we gave her a nice cool bath. They said she was out of sorts and just not her usual bubbly self.

She was cuddling with Grandma when I got there, but she was ready to have a few Mommy cuddles. Nothing is better than Mommy or Daddy cuddles when you are sick. I'm almost 30 and that's what I want when I don't feel good.

She wasn't acting sick, per say, just not quite herself. She still motored all over the house, ate tons of food, but she didn't want to drink her milk, water or pedialyte. We kind of had to force liquid on her.

She got tired earlier than normal, so we put her to bed. I've been hovering. We woke her up about an hour after she fell asleep to take her temp, give her Motrin and get her to drink more water. She wasn't happy with any of it, but she did drink, and enjoyed a quick cuddle before demanding to be put back to bed.

I waited an agonizing hour and couldn't wait any more. I had to check on her. She was sleeping well, but felt warm. I got a cool wash cloth and tried to cool her. It helped but she woke up. But I did get her to take several more sips of water.

She's sleeping soundly now and she is a lot cooler to the touch than when I brought her home. I think the heat of the day and having been taken right out of the car seat had a lot to do with how high the temperature was.

I'll wake her at 11 and dose her again and take her temp. Hopefully I can get a little more water in her and she'll sleep well. I'll set the alarm to get up at 2 and check her, and hopefully her fever will break soon.

Mama's Love Bug

Lili is just the cutest little thing, ever!

She didn't want to wake up this morning. 12 hours of sleep just wasn't enough for her. She did that stretch and whine that let me know she wasn't pleased with being awoken so early (it was almost 7:45). After a quick diaper change she was her normal bubbly self.

She gobbled up her cheerios while waiting for Daddy to get the rest of breakfast done. And she downed her milk rather quickly.

She didn't have time or the desire to kiss me goodbye, she was too busy eating. I kissed her on the top of the head and she grinned at me in between bites. Nothing like a mouth full of cheerios smile to get one laughing in the morning.

She's at Grandma & Grandpa's today. Daddy is working again for Eric. This thrills my father no end. I'm just waiting for him to tell Matt to go back to work full time so he can quit and watch her all day. She energizes him. He acts 10 years younger easily when she is around or he knows she is coming over.

They had to get a bigger doggie door yesterday so Katie can get in and out when she is there, so I'm sure Lili will be trying her hand at getting out the door (Thank heavens my folks don't have a pool). She would try with the smaller door but she couldn't get both shoulders out the door. I can't wait to hear how many times she tries to escape today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lili Pili

Lili has been at Grandma & Grandpa's all day. Matt is working for a friend of his today and tomorrow (provided Lili hasn't exhausted them past the point of reason). She was taking pots and pans off the shelves when I called the first time. And mom says she loves to fling the stainless steel water bowl for the dogs. She likes the sound it makes.

She's had 3 dogs to torment. Dad picked up Jr. & Katie today. Jr. because my sister is working a lot. And Katie because my Uncle had ANOTHER medical episode. We still don't know if it is a heart attack or what.

Mom has been keeping a careful eye on her and the dogs. Tess hates her unless she has food, if she doesn't she is pretty good about avoiding her. Katie I just don't trust because she was with an older person before John, so we don't know what she will do around a baby (but so far she's ok). And Jr., well, they are buddies. When she pesters him too much he moves. He's never barked or snapped at her. And yes, I know, that can change in an instant. But so far so good.

I miss her today. I hate being away from her, but today is especially hard. So much not-so-much-fun stuff has happened today. I just want to kiss my baby and hug my hubby to make it all go away.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day Family Photo

Lili in her "Little Rome" collection from Gymboree (thanks Aunt Kyla)

Lili in her Phoenix Fire Dept. T-shirt (thank Uncle Blake)

She is such a happy kid.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Beautiful Bathrooms Make Babies Crazy

Yesterday Lili was in rare form. It was like she was high on Speed. She would not stop. She was running all over the house, eating everything in sight, climbing on, over, or through anything, and sending Daddy over the edge when the family was visiting.

She was incredibly over stimulated. We had some work done on the bathroom (see other blog for details). She had a stranger in her house all day and it really through off the routine. When Matt put her to bed she was practically falling asleep in the changing table. She didn't make a sound when she hit the mattress. Nor did she play for her usual 30 minutes before falling asleep.

I went to check on her around 9:30 and she was dead asleep. She only partially woke up when I got in the linen closet to get a towel (who puts a linen closet in a bedroom anyway). She sat up, looked at me, smiled, and fell over and went back to sleep before I was out of the room.

The Handy Man is back today, but hopefully he will be done early and she can relax. And Matt, too.

But you know what, I have a beautiful bathroom. I mean really. So it was all worth it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Helpful Lili

Lili is becoming helpful. Slowly, but it is happening. She doesn't just remove neatly folded clothes from the laundry basket, she now throws them wadded up back into the basket. Hey, it is a start.

She is learning to put her toys back. Well, she FLINGS them back. Again, it is a start.

She was helping Daddy clean yesterday. I guess she is finally not afraid of the Dust Buster since she is holding it.

"SO BIG" is her new thing. If you say it in a sing song way, up goes the arms and she stretches for the sky. She's a love bug.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For Uncle Blake

Blake was bummed that I took down these photos and the entries that went with them. Since he doesn't mind being part of the blog, I'm putting the pictures back up.

He's probably the proudest Uncle I've ever seen. He loves that little girl so much!! He was the first person from Matt's side of the family at the hospital. Now THAT'S a picture I need to post here. I've got a great one from the recovery room at St. Joe's with Uncle Blake holding a less than day old Lili with the happiest smile.

She's an easy kid to love, even on her worst day. Her worst days are some kids best days.

Blake & Lili at Family Night

Uncle Blake in his turnouts with a very happy (and cookie covered) Lili

All smiles

Proud big brother & the new Fire Fighter

Teaching Lili to be naughty at an early age.