Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Locks and a new anxiety...

There was a time in my life when it didn't matter that I did not have a key to the bottom lock of my front door. That all changed this morning with a call from my husband, on my neighbors' cell phone, announcing the need for me to get home because Lili had locked herself in the house.

Matt took Jr (my sister's dog) out front for a quick constitutional, and in that amount of time, Lili locked the screen door. Top lock, thank God! This is a feat in of itself. That lock is a bit of a hassle. You must pull the door knob, jiggle it as you turn, etc. But Lili managed to get it locked with little effort.

And what is amazing is that this is the one day in 4 years Matt has not had a house key on his key ring. Kyla took his last night so she could let Jr in this morning on her way to work (her roommate is moving in today and the four-legged love sponge needed to be out of the way). He had his keys with him, but no house key. And no phone.

I was in Downtown Phoenix when I got the call. I raced home, paniced. I knew Matt was there, but what can he do with a locked security door between him and her? Thoughts of every horrible nature popped into my head. We currently have 2 couches in our house, so I envisioned her climbing the one that is replacing our old on, getting on the table, the freezer or the island and falling, stabbing herself, or just plain getting hurt.

I don't know how I got home so fast, or how I managed to do it without killing myself or anyone else. I hope there were no speed cameras around because I'll be getting tickets for sure if there were.

She is fine, but she was crying when I got there. She couldn't understand why Daddy wouldn't come in the house. I swooped her up in my arms and hugged the dickens out of her...and then started crying uncontrollably for about 10 minutes.

I have always suspected I was becoming my mother. Now I have the proof.

Kyla and I are going tonight to get new locksets for ALL of the doors. I don't want the next time she does this to be with the little twisty locks on the door knobs, the ones I mentioned before that I DO NOT have a key for. Then I'm storing extras in strategic locations around the damn house and in the cars for just such an emergency.