Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from Sedona

We had a great time. Lili most of all...provided she was not in her car seat. She loved running around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. But the moment you tried to put her back in car seat the screaming started.

Matt & Lili at Slide Rock State Park
Lili appreciating public art by climbing on it and playing on it.

She did not like the drive up once we hit the peak at I-17 before Camp Verde. Her first ear pressure popping experience. Not fun, but she did get a Happy Meal for her pain and suffering.

Getting her Happy Meal

We were unable to get a larger hotel room, so poor Lili got to sleep in her pack n play in the bathroom. In all fairness we tried it in the room and she just kept poking Matt in the head and pulling his hair. No one got sleep the first night, causing a bit of stress on my part the next, but all is better now.
Lili falling face first into some flowers she was trying to sniff. I laughed, yes, but it was funny and she didn't cry.

We did come home a day early, but it is all good. Lili is now nestled in her crib sound asleep and Matt and I are watching Family Guy while I upload pictures.

And now for some nature pictures ...