Thursday, November 6, 2008

19 Months Ago Today...

Today Lili is 19 months old.

My little Lili Monster has gone through a lot in a short about of time. Difficult labor/delivery, a (short, thankfully) stay in the hospital, the dog attack and subsequent surgery,a couple of colds, vaccines, skinned knees, several bonks to the head, and her first car trip.

She has gone from a little lump of love, to rolling over, to sitting on her own, to standing on her own, to walking on her own and now to running on her own. She's learning to talk, to eat like a big girl, and she even gives you her feet when she sees the socks and shoes come out (albeit usually the wrong foot for the shoe you are holding up).

She relishes bath time, play time, her alone time, using the slide at the park by herself, and any chance she has to harass the dogs in our family (Jr., Punky and now Foxy).

She hates to be told no. She cries if she doesn't get her way or if you won't get up and follow her when she wants you to.

She wants to feed herself, she turns on the bathroom faucet by herself, pushes things under the light switches so she can stand on them and flip the switches to her hearts content, as well as the washing machine and dryer (and usually when they are empty). She climbs the stairs by herself. She bounces in her crib. She grabs books and reads.

She's had personality from day one. She is going to be this independent little imp for the rest of her life. She will work to get her way no matter the situation, which can be both good and bad. She will have goals and accomplish them all because she wants to. She'll figure out any problem, situation, or road block that comes her way.

She has a heart as big as she is. She has a smile that is even bigger and can light up a whole room. Her laugh makes my heart skip a beat. When she wraps those adorable little fingers around my hand, I melt into a puddle of mom goo.

She's the light of my life and becoming her mother has been one of the single greatest experiences of my life. My baby grows and changes everyday. She learns a new word every day. It is exciting to be a part of this journey she is on. And I can't believe I am so blessed to have a healthy, happy, and wickedly intelligent child.

She is my "Little Wonder". Every time I hear this song I think of her. Here it is for all of you to enjoy.