Monday, June 8, 2009


My baby really is turning into a little girl. Her features are going from slightly rounded cheeks and arms and legs, to lean and muscular.

I swear her smile gets bigger every day. She's trying a few 3 word sentances like "what is that?" & "where'd it go?". Mostly it is 2 words questions "what sound?", "what happened?", etc. She loves it when you get what she is saying and she feels like she is really communicating.

She seems to be grasping and understanding a new word a day. I love it when she tries to pronounce a new word. She sometimes mixes syllables or creates her own version of the word. Tickle is ticky, and wiggle is wiggy, things like that. She can say noise perfectly, which to me seems odd since she can't say truck (it sounds like a naughty word when she tries). And clock is missing the 'L'. Super hard not to laugh, by the way.

She is loving her pool and goes in it about twice a day. She mostly puts her feet in and plays with toys (the water has been a bit chilly). But she is out for about 45 minutes at a time either before the sun is in the patio or after. She kind of knows the schedule already.

Her laugh fills the room. And she knows to say "Bless you" when someone sneezes (though it sounds like Bessy). She also knows a fake sneeze from a real one. And the fake ones she mimicks which is seriously adorable.

I just love this kid.