Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eggys and Toes

Lili came downstairs this morning and asked Daddy for "eggys and toes". Eggs and Toast for those of you that don't speak Lili.

She is the cutest thing ever.

Last week she had her first 5 word sentance, "hey Mom, I have juice". And she did have juice in her little cup. It was pretty neat.

She makes more sense everyday. She's using words correctly to describe things. She still has trouble and gets frustrated and throws things, but she is only 2. We tell her to calm down and use her words. It makes her stop and try to think things through. And usually with a little work we can figure out what she is talking about.

I still can't get her to say truck without it sounding like the dirty F word. Everyone laughs when she says it so she thinks it is right and will get a laugh. And clock just doesn't have an L in it when she says it. Again, everyone laughs. As funny as it is when little ones say naughty things, but it is hard to correct, too.