Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Potty Training "Water" Slide

On a nice, warm February evening this week, we took Lili to the park. This park has a water play feature and she loved playing and getting wet.

When we got home, she was still quite damp so we took her wet clothes off. Well before I could get a change of clothes, Lili thought this was the perfect opportunity for naked time. There she is running around with just her socks on and huge smile on her face. It was pretty cute.

We are still having a time with the potty training, but she signaled she needed to us the potty. I took her in and we sat, she read, we sat some more, she played and sat, but nothing happened. I figured I would give her a few minutes and try again.

I didn't get that chance.

She started to play on her little slide. Next thing I hear is her slapping the platform and there is a wet sploosh sound. She had peed on the slide!

She thought it was hilarious. I was just ever so thrilled with having to clean up the slide and the floor. Matt got to clean her up.

I keep hearing about the potty training technique where you let them run around naked for 3 days and they will finally get it that they need to use the potty instead of a diaper, but damn what a mess.


Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

If I did that everything would be peed on. Who ever came up with that bright idea? ;)