Friday, February 20, 2009

Gravity...Lili's Kryptonite

Let me start by saying Lili is fine.

My little climber is bruised today. Quite visibly so, and I'm afraid to take her in public for fear of CPS being called about an abused child. I can assure you, she is anything BUT an abused child.

Miss Liliana decided to climb into an old style folding lawn chair yesterday. It seemed harmless enough at the time, but Lili had all her weight on one side and it flipped. She banged up the side of her face a bit. She has a nasty bruise and a little scratch. She was upset for about 2 minutes and needed a few hugs and some ice, but was right back to playing.

Matt has a sense of the panic/anxiety she puts me through on a daily basis. Now he understands why I freak out when she wants to climb on the big kids playground equipment. And why I get scared when she tries to balance on the thin edge of her slides' landing. And why, well, why I freak out at everything she does that is any way, shape or form off the ground.

He is afraid of becoming a Helicopter Dad, but at the same time feels like it is his fault. She is a fearless creature. She is going to fall. She's a kid and kids fall. She is only 22 months old, after all. Her balance isn't as good as she thinks it is.

She unfortunately has inherited my balance. I can fall on a flat surface when I'm not even moving. High heels are an instant broken foot (I'm very serious about that). And every time I have tried to be cute or funny and balance on something, it has resulted in damage. There was the time I fell off a low wall made of those old, cut telephone pole pieces of wood. I was pulling chunks of wood out of my inner thigh for days. I still have a nasty scar.

Just last week I thought I would be cute at the park and try to walk on the metal balance beam that was curvy. I jumped off and landed poorly on my previously fractured foot, re injuring it. It still hurts.

I hope she grows out of this and doesn't end up a full time klutz like her mom.