Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Blog Background

I've gone round and round trying to find a Blog Background that fits my Lili's personality. She is such and individual that nothing seemed right.

She likes red , she loves books and music. She uses whatever she can as a drum. And I know she loves baseball. She's fascinated when a game is on, and she has a pretty decent pitch. I've been hit enough by whatever she's turned into a projectile to know that she has skills :-)

She's a baby gourmet. She won't eat anything that is plain. She wants spices and herbs on everything. She wants to do everything but hold her sippy cup or bottle herself (much to everyone's annoyance). She's independant to a point.

She LOVES technology. Remotes, cell phones, computers, game controllers, the TV, watching the washer and dryer spin, and anything that will make a noise, light up or move on its own has her attention the moment she notices it.

She has this rotten streak in her. She knows when she shouldn't do something and she knows she is going to get in trouble, but she goes ahead and does it anyway. Always with a look of "na-na-na, ha ha ha" on her face.

She tries new things. She figures things out. She is fearless.

I've settled on this background for now, but I know there has to be something else out there that better suites her spirit.