Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moments to Cherish

My sweet girl was just the cutest last night. We put her to bed. Stupidly, we thought she was asleep (dumb parents).

I went to check on her around 9:30 and she was sitting up in her crib with a smile plastered from ear to ear. I changed her and you could just tell she wasn't going to go to sleep. So I took her into our bedroom and cuddled with her on the bed. She was talking and singing and just being SO CUTE!!!

She jumped on the beds, cuddled with both of us, stole my pillow, laughed, and the best part is she laid on the pillow next to me and looked me in the eye and rubbed my cheek. It was the best moment. Matt came and laid down on the other side and she patted him on the back with her free hand.

The bad part of the evening was when the Tickle Monster came after Lili and she threw herself backwards to escape. When she did that, she cracked the back of her head into my forehead. She's fine. Totally unfazed. I, on the other hand, have a goose egg and a giant headache. But I digress.

She was very concerned for me when that happened. She has this soft side in her that is so wonderful to see and be around. She is kind and loving and trusting and generous of spirit. She is learning to share. She has imagination already. She will play in her kitchen for a long time pretending to make smoothies (like Grandma makes for her) and drink them. She even does the "ahhh" after a pretend sip. It makes me giggle and beam with pride.

She tries to sing along to Caillou and Shaun the Sheep theme songs, and usually gets about one word per line of the song. And she shouts that one word for emphasis. She dances like a maniac. Oh and her new thing is to stand on the bed or the couch, flip her legs out in front of her so she lands on her butt, bouncing off the furniture, and she comes to a standing position without missing a beat. My heart is still stuck in my throat after seeing that last night.

She's the reason I have grey hair. I will worry about her for the rest of my life. But that is my job as Mommy. And for her, I'll happily worry. She is perfect.