Friday, May 22, 2009

Lili & Sofie

She only likes those with four legs, a wet nose, and a tendancy towards nipping her when they are excited.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lili and Punky

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adventures in E. Coli

Ok, so this whole infection thing was caused by E. Coli (harkening back to the whole bathtub incident on Easter).

The Dr. at the urgent care did not test the samples as he said he was going to or we would have known that it was E. Coli causing the problem 2 weeks ago. Our Dr. caught it on a retest. The Bladder Infection was from E. Coli, from the tub. The antibiotic they gave us did nothing but constipate the poor kid.

Now they have to retest her again to see if it is gone, then they will determine if she needs more antibiotics.

But in the mean time she is on Miralax at bedtime for a month (and an adult dose, no less). She gets very limited amounts of dairy to make sure she isn't having a lactose problem. Plus, she has a contact irritation on her thumb (i.e. her saliva has given her thumb sucking thumb a rash), so we have to treat that, too.

The poor kid can't win. She is actually feeling better, so there is no real rush on a retest, so we didn't have to catheter her at the Dr. We can get the sample at home, thank heavens. She's had enough trauma for awhile.

I still can't get her to take a bath without screaming, so it is sponge baths and quicky showers with Mommy holding her. This too, shall least the Dr. thinks so.

I hope this is the end of all this. 3 weeks of a sick kid is too long. I don't know how parents who have kids with chronic or life threatening illness handle it. They are far stronger than I am. This infection was horrible on all of us, but really very minor in the grand scheme of things. Matt took it the worst (emotionally) and is second guessing every decision he makes.

We will get through it. We are very lucky to have a kid who is usually very healthy, and I have to remember that when I want to complain about things. She is healthy, happy and wonderful. And I am so blessed she is my daughter.