Monday, July 21, 2008

15-month Check Up

Well, Lili is the picture of good health.

Weight: 22.9 pounds
Height: 33 inches

She is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 94th for height. She is still a tall, skinny genius.

They had her stand on the big girl scale this time. I almost cried. My baby is a big girl in the eyes of the world.

Dr. Strubble says she is healthy, beautiful, and is impressed by how much she does and knows.

She says that the way she walks is not a problem and that by the time she is 5 her brain will figure out how to distribute the weight evenly as she steps. So no intervention is required.

She got 2 booster shots and cried big crocodile tears. She did the whole hold her breath in and turn red, then let out an earpiercing wail. It was quite sad. She cuddled her teddy and drank her milk. She was very quiet. Matt said that she looked longingly at me as I left the van and headed back in to the office. My poor baby.

She's playing with Aunt Kyla & Jr. now. Daddy is going to get some work done.