Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Fever

My sweet baby girl has her first non-injection related fever. It was 104 when we got home. My folks gave her a couple of doses of Tylenol during the day and it finally started to work after we gave her a nice cool bath. They said she was out of sorts and just not her usual bubbly self.

She was cuddling with Grandma when I got there, but she was ready to have a few Mommy cuddles. Nothing is better than Mommy or Daddy cuddles when you are sick. I'm almost 30 and that's what I want when I don't feel good.

She wasn't acting sick, per say, just not quite herself. She still motored all over the house, ate tons of food, but she didn't want to drink her milk, water or pedialyte. We kind of had to force liquid on her.

She got tired earlier than normal, so we put her to bed. I've been hovering. We woke her up about an hour after she fell asleep to take her temp, give her Motrin and get her to drink more water. She wasn't happy with any of it, but she did drink, and enjoyed a quick cuddle before demanding to be put back to bed.

I waited an agonizing hour and couldn't wait any more. I had to check on her. She was sleeping well, but felt warm. I got a cool wash cloth and tried to cool her. It helped but she woke up. But I did get her to take several more sips of water.

She's sleeping soundly now and she is a lot cooler to the touch than when I brought her home. I think the heat of the day and having been taken right out of the car seat had a lot to do with how high the temperature was.

I'll wake her at 11 and dose her again and take her temp. Hopefully I can get a little more water in her and she'll sleep well. I'll set the alarm to get up at 2 and check her, and hopefully her fever will break soon.